Fair-Skinned? 5 Steps To Find Your Best Formal Dress

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Finding the right homecoming dress can be tricky. It requires matching your tastes, your budget and your best style for what might be a once in a lifetime evening. But if you have a pale skin tone, finding the right look can be even more difficult. So, how do you decide which colors will work best for you as an individual? Here are 5 best-dressed tips for anyone with fair skin.

Learn Your Basic Skin Tone. Step one for finding a great dress is to understand your skin tone and how it affects colors. The easiest way to know whether you are a "warm" toned person or a "cool" toned person is to examine the underside of your upper arm or the inside of your wrist. If the veins appear bluish, you have warm undertones. If they appear greener, you have cool undertones. 

If You Have Warm Tones. Women with warm skin tones tend to look great in earth tones (browns, pale pinks and green shades). Lighter reds, oranges and pinks can also be very flattering with the red tones in your skin. Want a more neutral color? Try a warm ivory color instead of anything too harsh. Keep it soft and you're likely to find a good dress for you. 

If You Have Cool Tones. If you have cool undertones, consider looking at deeper colors -- such as berry colors, deep reds, purple and darker pinks or magenta. These colors can bring out a nice glow in your pale skin. 

Beware the Bolds. No matter whether you have warm or cool tones, bold colors might not complement your pale skin tone. While you can experiment with some strong colors, bright colors and neons are likely to clash with your skin and make you appear washed out. This can even be true of black (too harsh on pale skin) and white (too pale and possibly sickly). 

Jewelry. You can also match your base jewelry colors to your skin tone when choosing a metal. Warm undertones generally work better with gold colors and cool undertones with silver or platinum. 

By knowing how to choose the right color dress, you can eliminate a lot of hassle and confusion when dress shopping. That way, you can spend more time finding just the right style and fit, knowing that you've chosen a flattering color. Be sure to take a look at several stores' selections. Don't overlook bridal stores, like Bridal Elegance, as they also have a great variety of homecoming dresses. 


27 July 2016

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