5 Aspects To Include In A Your Loved One's Funeral Service

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Funerals can be planned for almost any place, such as churches, a funeral home, outdoors, or even your own house. Even if the location is not traditional, you can still include traditional elements in the funeral service. Consider using these key components to make the funeral service of a loved one feel special.


It's common for a funeral service to include a eulogy, even if it is short and sweet. These speeches can be done by a family member, friend, or clergy, and the goal is to share with those attending some happy memories from the life of your loved one. You can even invite people to give their own eulogy. You will be surprised at how many people want to say a few words, even if they don't have something formally prepared.


For religious services, a reading from a holy scripture can be done. If you don't feel comfortable picking a religious reading because you are not religious yourself, don't worry, since a priest or minister can help pick one out for you. There are inspirational verses or poems that are commonly read at funerals that they can suggest.


A key part of any funeral service is the music. While it is appropriate to use hymns, you can also use music as well, especially if it was something that your loved one was passionate about. Consider having a family member, friend, or member of the church play an instrument or sing during the funeral service.


Another aspect that you may not be comfortable selecting would be prayers during the funeral service. Once again, a priest or minister can assist you with selecting one.

Military Tributes

If your loved one served time in the military, you should consider using the US flag to help pay tribute to the time they spent fighting for their country. It's common to drape the flag over their coffin, and have a presentation where the flag is folded. It's common for the flag to be presented to you or another family member before the burial.

You may also decide to have a veteran buried with other elements such as a 21-gun salute or playing taps. There are many options available for military tributes, and you can select the ones that you feel are most appropriate.

If you need more ideas for what elements you should include in a funeral service, speak with a funeral home director in your area.

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25 March 2016

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