How To Explain Alzheimer's To The Kids


Alzheimer's Disease is a progressive mental deterioration that can occur in middle or old age, due to generalized degeneration of the brain. While the impact of this disease on those suffering is devastating in its own right, Alzheimer's is one of the few diseases that can have an equally traumatic effect on the family and loved ones of those afflicted. Perhaps one of the hardest things to do as parents is having to explain a deteriorating mind to a developing one, which can make talking about Alzheimer's to children much more difficult. However, by understanding the disease and following these tips, you can help your children comprehend and adjust to the changes as they happen.

Educate Yourself

If you don't understand it, how do you expect to explain it to your children? Speak to the doctor about the symptoms of Alzheimer's. Read about it online, and in brochures. Make sure you fully understand how it will affect your loved one.

Keep It Simple & Straightforward 

It is best not to overcomplicate things with medical terms and big words. Instead, try explaining Alzheimer's disease directly, as it relates to the child, and how the changes in your elderly loved one might affect them and their relationship with the diagnosed. Talk about how the loved one will be moving into an assisted living facility where doctors and nurses can help them handle their memory problems.

Keep the Relationship Alive

While Alzheimer's can be difficult for children to comprehend, trying to shield them from it, or even worse, cutting the diagnosed out of their lives completely can be even more traumatizing. Try to plan regular visits to the patient's assisted living facility (such as Wedgewood Estates) that include the children. By exposing your child to the reality of this disease and its progression, they will naturally gain a deeper insight into what is going on, and hopefully be able to maintain their relationship with their loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer's.

Reassure Them

Due to the nature of Alzheimer's, sometimes exposure to someone diagnosed with the disease can be difficult for children to understand, especially during an episode where lucidity is not at its best. This can often result in things said, and feelings unintentionally hurt for your child. By explaining that it is the disease talking, and not the loved one, a better understanding can be had. Explain to the child that sometimes Alzheimer's makes people say things they don't really mean.

When explaining Alzheimer's to children, it is prudent to be as honest as possible, while at the same time respecting the child's innocent state and limited understanding of the disease.


3 March 2016

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