Pre-Planning Your Funeral: Three Details You Might Overlook

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Pre-planning your funeral takes the burden of paying for your funeral and burial away from your loved ones. You can also take advantage of pre-planning to make sure that everything is arranged to meet your wishes and prevent your loved ones from having to focus on small details while they are grieving. While choosing a funeral home, casket and grave marker might be obvious choices for pre-planning, other smaller details might get overlooked in the process. Here are three details you should consider planning yourself to make everything easier on your loved ones.

Burial Clothing

It may be difficult for your spouse or children to choose the clothes you'll be laid to rest in. You can choose your outfit ahead of time to take this decision off of their shoulders. If you prefer to be buried in a favorite outfit, take pictures of the ensemble and any accessories you might want to go with it, and give it to the funeral home director. The photos can be included in your file and given to your loved ones when it is time to select the clothing. Another option is to put your outfit in a garment bag that is labeled for your funeral. Consider writing a card or letter to attach to the garment as a final farewell to your loved ones.

Funeral Luncheon

You can pre-plan most of your funeral luncheon ahead of time. Verify that the restaurant you choose has a private dining area, and ask to see a copy of the menu used for catering and private parties. You can create a list of items you want to have served, write down your preference for which private dining space you prefer and create a guest list for the event. Leave this information with your funeral home director, and see if he or she will let you leave an undated check to cover the expenses of the luncheon. This will prevent your loved ones from having to pay for it.

Funeral Playlist

Some people prefer to have music playing throughout the viewing and funeral. If this is something you would like to do, make a playlist for the funeral filled with your favorite songs. You can purchase the downloads for each song and copy them onto a CD or save them to a flash drive that can be filed with your other funeral arrangements for use at the service.

When you schedule a time to meet with the funeral director about pre-arranging your funeral, tell him or her that you want to make sure that every detail is taken care of. Together, you can plan for the above details as well as floral arrangements, scripture readings and other items that make your funeral a true celebration of your life. To learn more, speak with a funeral director like those at Conboy-Westchester Funeral Home Inc.


2 March 2016

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