What Should You Do When Your Unborn Child's Adoptive Parents Change Their Minds?

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If you're entering the last trimester of your pregnancy and planning a private and open adoption for your unborn child, you've likely already begun making arrangements with the adoptive parents-to-be and planning your own transition from pregnant mother to birth parent to an adopted child. However, in some cases, these plans may go awry and the adoptive parents may terminate the agreement without discussion or remorse. What are your legal and logistical options in this situation? How can you ensure your child is well taken care of by loving adoptive parents from the day he or she is born? Read on to learn more about some steps you can take when an adoption falls through at the last minute.  

Do you have any legal recourse against adoptive parents who back out of the arrangement?

Your legal options primarily depend upon the contract in place at the time the adoptive parents cease communication with you. If you've already gotten the preliminary paperwork in place through an adoption agency, you may be about to file a lawsuit for breach of contract. You should also be permitted to keep any payments the adoptive parents made toward your medical or personal expenses. The situation becomes more complex if the adoptive parents allege that you weren't abiding by the terms of the contract yourself (for example, by not attending regular doctor's appointments) and counter-sue you. You'll likely want to consult an attorney who specializes in adoption law to help you determine your contractual rights. 

If you and the adoptive parents hadn't yet reached the contract stage of your agreement, you may still be able to file a breach of contract lawsuit based on an oral agreement. This can be a much more difficult argument, and may not be worth the effort of a lawsuit when you're about to give birth (or dealing with the effects of doing so). 

How should you proceed in quickly finding adoptive parents?

When you've spent weeks or months envisioning your baby growing up with a certain couple, having these dreams dashed just before you give birth can be devastating. If you haven't already been working with a private adoption agency, now may be the time. These agencies can help set you up with couples who fit your profile and have already been prescreened and passed their home studies and criminal background checks. With a continually increasing demand for infants to adopt, you should have no problem finding the perfect adoptive parents by your due date. For more information, talk to a place like A Child's Dream.


17 November 2015

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